Agile Methods in Construction Management

//Agile Methods in Construction Management

Agile Methods in Construction Management

When used properly agile methods can be used in the construction industry to constantly check and adapt the deliverables to changes in the market. Although construction follows a more inflexible procedure, there are still benefits to adopting a more agile construction management method.

We need to know the following about agile construction management:

  • You need a clear definition of goals for the project

  • Align deliverables to customer expectations and requirements

  • Break the project or challenges into bits to be completed based on priority

  • Consistent reviews of progress

  • Clarity on when an activity on the project needs to be completed

  • Increase collaboration and teamwork across different areas of a project.

As mentioned above, construction in the execution phase is mostly linear, following more rigid, step-by-step guidelines. There are agile construction management efforts that can be utilized in the pre-design and design phases that offer the following benefits to construction companies.

  • More accuracy and confidence in construction cost estimating.

  • Better customer involvement and participation

  • Making construction tasks more predictable by taking into account potential unforeseen challenges

  • Improve project management by breaking larger projects into smaller subprojects.

In essence, agile project management seeks to break down larger projects into more manageable parts that can be easily tracked. There is also more of a focus on time management and constant reviews to increase profitability. There is also a push to increase teamwork and feedback on how to do things better.

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