Best Construction Management Practices

//Best Construction Management Practices

Best Construction Management Practices

Being vigilant with time and money are two of the main areas construction managers need to stay attentive to. Here are a few tips and tricks to keep your projects moving along in a timely and efficient manner while avoiding costly delays.

  1. The best way to maintain the budget and schedule is to follow processes and procedures and to strictly work with subcontractors who do the same.
  2. Planning ahead allows you to avoid potential pitfalls which can result in costly delays to the project. Plan before construction begins and continually revise the plan at each stage until the project is over. Build a solid plan and stick to it. Slight adjustments can affect the plan in its entirety so pay attention to each deviation in your original plan.
  3. Use automation where possible including document control and/or project management software tools. This will help you and your team stay organized. Web-based tools to monitor costs and budgets, as well as schedule, are important to explore the possibility of using as well.  Automate your reporting system and delivery method where possible. Give your team access to the same up-to-date information so they can make informed decisions.
  4. Communication is the key to a successful project so stay in touch with your team often whether it be stakeholders, suppliers, etc. Using a project management system can make this easier so everyone can hold each other accountable. Creating procedures for communication helps and encourages collaboration as well.
  5. Check your work over and over for accuracy. Make informed decisions and remember the details! It’s many times the little things that can make or break a project. Keep your eye on the big picture but don’t let little things fall through the cracks.
  6. Relationships are key so make sure you are professional and cordial at all times. Treat others the way you want to be treated. Practice being firm but fair.
  7. Your people are your greatest asset so make sure you take care of them and trust them. It takes a lot of people to build a successful project and coordination is key. Noone knows everything in construction so listen more and talk less.
  8. Hire the most experienced personnel for the project. It’s all about knowing who to ask for to help when it’s needed. Observe and ask questions as often as possible. Seeing your team in-person can positively affect the workflow on your project so be in touch regularly without overwhelming others.
  9. Balance expectations with ability to make sure projects run smoothly without unexpected results.
  10. Pivot when necessary. Don’t just throw away your plan when you hit a bump in the road but make adjustments and move on.

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