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The project is the Larry D. Smith Slope Armor Protection Project. The project consisted of the installation of embankment protective measures along the northern bank of Smith Creek adjacent to the Larry D. Smith Correction Facility. There was excessive rain storm events in 2009 and 2010 that resulted in slope failure.


Murow|CM managed in conjunction with the Riverside Economic Development Agency, the construction of a 2:1 slope of grouted riprap consisting of 3-½ foot (boulder size) of ½-ton class rock extending to a depth of approximately 10 feet below Smith Creek wash, and extending 1,100 feet along the northern embankment of Smith Creek adjacent to the correctional facility.


Murow|CM has extensive knowledge of this type of flood control project that allowed the team to finish ahead of schedule and under budget. There were mistakes in the plans and the Murow|CM team was able to step up and come up with creative solutions to the problems. The EDA strongly recommends Murow|CM for any type of project and looks forward to working with their team in the future.