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Post-Holiday Syndrome: 10 Tips to Keep Projects on Track

Happy New Year, we hope you enjoyed the holidays! Are you ready for the new year? It’s often difficult to get back to work after the holidays. You might have lost track of exactly where you were and what needs to be done on your project. You may still have that holiday, lethargic feeling – wanting to relax and do nothing, or you may be tired from the holiday festivities [...]

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How to secure your construction site for the holidays

It’s that time of year again. The holidays are generally the longest period of closure for construction sites. Many sites are closed from the middle of December until the start of January, planning your site shut down needs to be a priority. With this in mind, site security measures should be made to prevent any unwanted visitors and to prevent damage that could send your plans back weeks. Every site [...]

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3 Ways to Control Construction Project Costs

No project ever goes exactly as planned — change orders, fluctuating material costs and weather conditions can wreak havoc on a project budget. That’s why it’s important that you produce accurate cost estimates and effectively control the costs that can be managed to the best of your ability. Preliminary Budgets & Cost Estimating It pays to hire a construction manager with expertise in time and cost estimating early on in [...]

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Tips for Managing Construction Projects During the Rainy Season

Rain season for California has officially started and cooler, rainy days are coming! if California has another wet winter, you know what that means for active construction sites – more storm event monitoring! Are you up for the job? Here are a few tips to help you brush up on what needs to be done for rainy wet conditions. PREPARING YOUR CONSTRUCTION SITE FOR RAIN Property damage from rain can [...]

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Why Hiring a Dry Utility Consultant Matters

Dry utility coordination is often the pain point of many land development projects.  Add in strict timelines and target energize dates and that pain intensifies quickly. The reason each project’s energization is so difficult is because there are a number of variables which rest in the hands of the utility companies.  Staying within the obligations of your agreements and avoiding costly delays make dry utility related planning and management efforts [...]

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Why Hire an Outside Construction Manager?

Construction management is the overall planning, coordination, and control of a project from its inception to completion. Construction projects are often infamous for going over budget, over schedule, and in some cases, ending with litigation issues. Outsourcing your construction project management to an experienced team of professionals can help avoid any potential issues.                       Here are five reasons why you should hire a construction manager for [...]

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