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On January 1, 2017, a new State of California mandate took effect that identifies all contractors who design, construct, test, operate and maintain “gas gathering, transmission, and distribution piping systems” MUST be qualified to perform the backfilling and compaction of trenches containing gas pipelines. Any contractor and / or subcontractor performing work – or in the process of contracting to perform – for Southern California Gas Company (“SCG”), San Diego Gas & Electric Company (“SDG&E”), or Sempra Energy Utilities (“SEU”), may be regulated by the Department of Transportation (“DOT”). In order to comply with such mandatory DOT regulations, SEU has adopted the Pipeline Hazardous Material Safety Administration (“PHMSA”) regulations pertaining to Operator Qualifications and Drug and Alcohol Testing programs, specifically noted and located under 49 CFR Part 192, 193, 195 and 199, in addition to 49 CFR part 40. 

Noted below are the list of guidelines (denoted as steps) for each contractor and / or subcontractor to follow. Select one of the following steps below to continue.