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Murow|CM provides Feasibility (Due Diligence) services on a variety of projects for major Public & Private Residential Builders & Developers, Commercial & Industrial Builders & Developers, Equity & Debt Firms, Oil Companies, Land Owners, etc. We leverage our over four decades of experience & expertise to identify exposures and develop creative, efficient, and cost effective solutions to quickly provide the decision makers with the necessary information to make informed “Go/No Go” decisions on the project being analyzed.

The Gate System Approach

We implement a Gate System methodology that analyzes complex real estate development projects from the initial underwriting through the course of entitlement and development. The key function of this system is to provide our clients the ability to analyze prospective projects in an efficient and incremental manner. This allows our clients to limit their capital outlay and diligently work through the time constraints of the due diligence period. If at Gate 1 (Initial Feasibility) the economics or other factors identify fatal flaws, the decision making can be quick and efficient. If the 1st Gate is passed, then the same process goes with the upcoming gates as we move through the discovery and vetting process.

Gate System  (Note: all Feasibility Gates include Risk Analyses & Recommended Actions)

  • Gate 1 – Initial Feasibility
  • Gate 2 – Assumption Vetting Phase
  • Gate 3 – Engagement of the Project Consultant Team
  • Gate 4 – Analysis of Consultant Reports/Plans
  • Gate 5 – Compilation of the Final Feasibility Report
  • Gate 6 – Manage & Direct the Project Team in support of the Entitlement Timeline

Our Feasibility Services include but are not limited to the following:

  • Research pertinent databases for salient project information
  • Entitlement status/process – Review existing entitlements vis a vis the proposed project development
  • Development status
  • Review available documentation/Conditions of Approval especially relating to required obligations/requirements of the property such as:
    • Offsite improvements
    • Project monetary contributions to local jurisdictions (if any)
  • Provide roadmap for required approvals
  • Provide Project Schedule
  • Title review & Title Exception Letter
  • Secure Will Serve letters
  • Flood Zone review
  • Consultant Procurement/Consultant Management of applicable feasibility study areas

Our feasibility expertise is applied across all product types. We deliver a high-quality product within our client’s deadlines. At the end of the day we provide you with the information and analysis you need to make the appropriate investment decision.

To learn more with regards to these services, please contact Bob Garrison, Director of Consulting Services, at 949.398.8349 or by email at bgarrison@murowcm.com


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