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The success of a project is often based on its ability to stay on track, meet predetermined deadlines, and remain within budget. The site assessment process plays a critical role in assuring services and/or improvements are being carried out in accordance to the contract. Performing competent and thorough site assessments throughout the project is a vital element to having a successful project.  These site assessments should be carried out correctly by individuals with specific experience and qualifications who have good judgment and the ability to communicate well in the field.

Murow|CM offers a range of site assessment services for various scopes of work involving horizontal improvements.  Murow|CM’s team of site assessment specialists conduct proper site assessments and providing accurate and detailed documentation, as necessary, throughout the project.

We assist lenders and/or equity partners during the loan process whose interest is in keeping their loan secure along with builders and public agencies by ensuring projects assessed are built on-time and according to the plans and specifications. We act essentially as our client’s construction “guardian angel” with our assessment specialist’s eyes and ears on-site looking out for our client’s interests while generating reports to keep clients up to date as the project(s) progresses.  

Our services include:

  • Site assessment and oversight of construction to ensure procedures and materials comply with plans and specifications
  • Contractor’s activity inspection and documentation
  • Assessor’s daily report preparation
  • Examination of quality of installation for conformity of standards and specifications
  • Interpret drawings and specifications and discuss any deviations
  • Neat, accurate and complete records maintenance
  • Active participation in project meetings
  • Contractor’s schedule monitoring
  • Monitoring and documentation of materials delivered and incorporated into the work
  • Assistance with changer order review and completion
  • Assistance with semi-final/final inspections
  • Punch list preparation and completion monitoring
  • Assistance with smooth and timely project close-out
To learn more on our Site Assessment Division, please contact Scott Porterfield (Division Manager) at 949.988.3270 or by email at sporterfield@murowcm.com


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