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“The most critical witnesses were the experts who testified for the respective sides; Steven Murow for the Plaintiff and (…) for the Defendants. Mr. Murow was credible and experienced. He was also quite knowledgeable while (…) was not. The court ruled in favor of the Plaintiff, and bases its findings on the testimony of Mr. Murow.”

Hon. Richard A. Stone, Neutral Arbitrator

“Thanks again for being available and working hard through the close of evidence.”

Thomas L. Vincent, Payne & Fears LLP

“There is no question whatsoever that the amount of the settlement is credit to your hard work and expert analysis… You are a consummate professional.”

Walter H. Root, OC Employment Law

“This Neutral Arbitrator has never quite seen the total dissembling of a cost to repair expert as that accomplished at trial by Claimants expert, Mr. Steven Murow.”

Hon. Robert J. Polis (Ret.), Neutral Arbitrator

“You obviously played a HUGE part in the verdict coming back the way it did – several of the jury members I spoke with were highly complementary of you and your testimony – we already knew we had the best man for the job.”

Paul Manning, TriPacific Capital Advisors

“Thanks for the hard work. Your expertise was obvious and I think was critical to the settlement. Your responsiveness and flexibility with travel and late night/early morning phone calls were greatly appreciated”

Christopher Hersey, Ventura Hersey & Muller, LLP


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