How to secure your construction site for the holidays

//How to secure your construction site for the holidays

How to secure your construction site for the holidays

It’s that time of year again. The holidays are generally the longest period of closure for construction sites. Many sites are closed from the middle of December until the start of January, planning your site shut down needs to be a priority. With this in mind, site security measures should be made to prevent any unwanted visitors and to prevent damage that could send your plans back weeks. Every site is different, so you’ll need to assess your own site for the security risks that may be present. Preparation should start weeks before the holidays; some of these preparations may include:













Prevent Property Crimes

Make sure you remove any highly valuable items from the site or at least remove from view. Lock vehicles, doors, and windows and lock up tools and equipment within a secure storage area. Ensure that you have exterior lighting that comes on at nightfall to deter thieves. 

Weather Preparation  

Harsh weather conditions can wreak havoc on your construction site; such as snow, ice or rain. Storms and high winds can also have devastating effects on scaffolding and other temporary structures such as site fencing. Ensure that entire scaffold structures are secure and remove any scaffolding that is unnecessary.

Don’t Rush  

Builders and contractors are always on the run with clients wanting projects complete before holiday shutdown. A project rush however can lead to oversights in Work, Health and Safety. Builders and contractors cannot afford to compromise on work quality just to meet a deadline.

Safety First

The last thing you want to worry about on your holiday break is if your construction site is safe. Ensure that you have emergency contact numbers displayed or available should anything urgent need attending to over the closure period. Display emergency contact numbers with secure signage around the site as well as on fencing.

Here are some reminders to help keep your construction site safe during shutdown:

  • Check gates are locked and fencing is secure
  • Block access to scaffolding, ladders and elevated floors
  • Store away dangerous chemicals and goods
  • Clear area of any trip hazards
  • Check security lighting and cameras are working
  • Store plant and equipment tools
  • Turn electrical power off
  • Make sure the site is free of flammable objects
  • Drain drums and cover areas that could fill with water

CONCLUSION: Adequate preparation should mean you can return to the project after the holidays without having to face a crisis upon your return.

Happy Holidays




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