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The Gobernadora Multi-Purpose Basins Project in South Orange County consisted of earthwork movement, rip rap placement, improvements to access roads and waste water run-off improvements. This project entailed strict specifications from the Santa Margarita Water District and Orange County Public Works Department. There were tight scheduling constraints and complex in quality of work.


The Murow|CM Construction Management and Field Engineering Division has extensive knowledge of this type of flood control and water improvement project so were able to apply the right technique to mitigate any future issues. The Murow|CM team created a working relationship with the contractor and always kept the interests of SMWD in mind, conducting themselves in a professional manner the whole way through.


Despite the complexity and various obstacles in the project, the Murow|CM team was able to finish in a timely manner and within budget. The team’s attention to detail allowed them to make sure the materials delivered to the site were accurate and the review of documentations such as pay applications, change order requests, verification of quantities, and labor compliance documentations were done with accuracy. As a result, the SMWD look forward to working with Murow|CM on any upcoming construction management opportunities.