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“My recommendation is based on a project that Murow|CM completed for us in the county of Riverside in which I was the acting project manager… The team from Murow|CM was always professional and conducted business in a way that was always in the best interest of the EDA.” Read more.
Dominick Lombardi, Riverside Economic Development Agency
“Murow|CM displayed a great attention to detail, making sure the materials delivered to the site were accurate and the quality of construction and service were being displayed at a high level.”
Read more.
Jeffrey P. McDonnell, Santa Margarita Water District
“The Murow|CM team has been a pleasure to work with because they are professional and diligent. Their experience has allowed our team to rely on them for a few projects over the past few years. I’m looking forward to building our relationship as things progress.”
Larry Liebel, Lennar Homes, Lewis Homes & City of Chino Joint Venture

Murow|CM has been responsible for several of our projects’ onsite construction management and has always provided Beazer Homes with outstanding service. I have experienced no problems with any of these projects. We have not had any surprises in the cost of completion, scope of work, schedule or finished product. We have found Murow|CM trustworthy and loyal to our goals.

Brent Ball, Beazer Homes
“The Opinion of Probable Costs work product produced by Murow|CM was accurate, thorough, and incorporated icon hyperlinks to the project information, which added a nice touch”.
Pat Potts, Stratham Homes
” The Murow|CM team has exhibited again and again that they have the experience and have developed relationships with the key players at the utilities to get things done”.
Larry Carr, Storm Properties
“The Dry Utility team at Murow|CM has always been responsive and attentive to our needs. They’ve gone the extra-mile every chance they get and know how to resolve potential hurdles with poise. I’d recommend their services to anyone searching for a committed team.”
Garrett Lee, Jamison Services
“The Murow|CM team exceeds our expectations and keeps their pulse on the industry. We trust in their numbers and overall capability which is why we lean on their team for cost estimating.”
Craig Cristina, Richland Communities
“The Murow|CM Aerial Division allows our team to see our project from specific vantage points that are in fairly inaccessible areas. The team is flexible and gets right down to business which we like. It allows our personnel in the office to view the project’s progress without making a trip to the site.”
Ryan Best, Westar Associates
“The Murow|CM Fee Analysis Team was very successful in identifying developer fees for my project.
They went above and beyond to clearly communicate and document the sources of their research.”
Chris Encheff, Westminster Development
“The reimbursement division at Murow|CM has been a crucial component to our reimbursement team. They have helped us tremendously with coordination between ourselves, our consultants and the County District Engineer, and in turn, our reimbursement process runs a lot more efficiently. They are quick to respond to our requests and are very diligent about keeping the team on task which has lead us to see a higher rate of return on our reimbursements.”
Kelly Haymes, Rancho Mission Viejo
“Murow|CM did a fantastic job on a time sensitive fee analysis job by getting up to speed on a project and thoroughly reviewing the available information. The end product was easy to spot check because of the detailed nature, footnoting, and innovating linking to relevant backup documents. Murow|CM was extremely valuable to our underwriting team.”
Chris Shiota, Isle Ranch Partners
“The team at Murow|CM recently presented their findings during a due diligence study on a property my client was contracted to purchase. In 18 years of brokering land deals to developers, investors and home builders, I had never seen a more timely and complete report of all the findings and development needs. Furthermore, their thorough break- down in cost requirements saved my client millions of dollars. Murow|CM is truly the best at the full range of services they provide.”
Matthew Brown, Independent Broker for Mayer Development Co.
“The Dry Utilities team at Murow|CM is a step above other consultants we’ve dealt with in the past. They are extremely thorough, proactive, and responsive. They have their pulse on the news that affects the dry utilities space and adjust their approach accordingly. It’s been a true pleasure working with them. I highly recommend them and I hope to work with them more as our needs arise.”
Suzie Aceves, Marc Homes
“The image resolution for the drone was very high allowing me to zoom-in on features on the ground, including locations of engineering stakes for removal boundaries. The timely calendar spacing of the drone flights made it possible to correlate geological features across the site. Numerous contractors started to work together, the history of the work the various contractors performed and completed was photo documented.”
Dwight R. Haggard, Geofirm
” My recommendation is based on Murow|CM’s Construction Management services. Murow|CM was always professional and conducted business in a way that was always in the best interest of both San Juan Capistrano and Caltrans, while creating an excellent relationship with the contractor. Murow|CM paid attention to detail in the review of various CM documentation such as; pay applications, change order requests, verification for quantities and labor compliance documentation”
Majid Banihashemi, MSCE, PE, Department of Transportation Caltrans District 12
“The Murow|CM team showed great knowledge and experience in the preparation of a fee analysis. They are a team of professionals that know how to get the job done on-time and with superb accuracy. I’m looking forward to working with Murow|CM on upcoming project as-needed.”
Ernie Rivas, J.H. Real Estate Partners
“I work with Murow|CM for projects in Long Beach and I couldn’t be happier to work alongside them. Most important for me is communication and their team is always there when needed. Their responsiveness makes them a great consultant to work with. I would recommend them to anyone looking for a reliable team of knowledgeable and professional folks.”
Jodi Mensen, David Evans and Associates, Inc.
“We deeply appreciate all of your hard work, attention to detail and dedication to the landmark L.A. River project. We know that the success of complex projects like this are a reflection of the strength of the project team, and we thank you! We look forward to working with you in the future”
Esther Feldman, Community Conservation Solutions
“Murow|CM used their outstanding skills in organization and scheduling to bring a difficult project back on track and move forward to closeout while dealing with a challenging municipality and trade base. Through their diligence and attention to detail, Murow|CM delivered quality buildings to our customers. I would not hesitate to recommend Murow|CM for their excellence in construction management.”
Mike Wyatt, K. Hovnanian
“Murow|CM has been responsible for several of our projects’ onsite construction management and has always provided Beazer Homes with outstanding service. I have experienced no problems with any of these projects. We have not had any surprises in the cost of completion, scope of work, schedule or finished product. We have found Murow|CM trustworthy and loyal to our goals.”
Brent Ball, Beazer Homes

“Murow|CM has been providing dry utility coordination services for our Kensington Campus. They understand our needs and follow through on every issue, with no detail or request ignored. Their extraordinary ability to analyze problems and outline necessary courses of action keeps us ahead of our game.”

Elizabeth Brubaker, Lancaster Housing Authority

“Thank you for Murow|CM for the very well organized set of reimbursement documents that you provided. I found the thoroughness and organization of the documents to be very helpful to me in my review. Thank you, again.”

Ken Al-Imam, City of San Juan Capistrano

“Murow|CM has been providing dry utility due diligence services for our Menifee – La Piedra Road 29 Project. They understand our needs thoroughly and follow through on every issue in a detailed fashion. There is no request that goes ignored with their team. We highly recommend the Murow|CM team!”

John Heimann, Griffin Residential

“The Murow|CM team utilized their construction management, scheduling, and cost management services to meet the needs of the City of Murrieta according to their specifications. The project was rendered under budget and completed on schedule.”

Larry Liebel, KB Home

“Murow|CM has been providing bid administration and construction management services at our Preserve Lift Station and sewer infrastructure projects and are being contracted to work at our Harvest Limoneira community as well. Murow|CM’s bid administration and Payroll compliance team is also engaged at our Santa Paula site ”

Jason Miller, Lewis Management Corp.

“I worked with Murow|CM on the Palmyrita Court Parking Lot & Emergency Erosion Control Project in Riverside, CA. Murow|CM provided exceptional services and their performance exceeded the requirements of the contract. They delivered the project on time and within budget. ”

Jett McCormick, LBA Realty